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Ahoy again.

Thrilling news all.

First off I haven’t abandoned this blog, I merely had to stick it on hiatus for a while due to a couple of reasons of my own. Secondly it’s getting a full revamp and I’ve just bought myself a domain name and am just in the process of setting up the rest of the site so very soon this blog shall be moving over to and changing it’s name to match. Content wise the site should be staying the same for the immediate future although eventually the plan (or perhaps pipedream) is to use it to become a Digital Nomad, travelling and using the funds that I’ll hopefully raise from blogging about my travels to pay for more travels. That’s the plan anyway but I still need to finish uni before I can go travelling again so up until that point it’s just going to the place for general stuff.

So there you go, I’m not dead, and I haven’t given up on blogging. Which is nice.


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A Few Reflections

I haven’t posted for a while because of things have been a bit hectic and to be honest I think I lost a bit of steam with keeping this blog going. So as a way of kicking myself back into gear I think it might be a bit useful to take a look at the some of the things that I’ve found useful in developing this blog, and highlight some of the things which might be usful for others trying to grow a fledgling blog.

1. The most important thing I’ve found out is that you need to post regularly. Not necessarily every day, but on a regular basis so that your readers can know when to expect having something to read. Readers will also check back more regularly if they can expect to find something new. It’s something I’ve been guilty of not observing recently and my blog traffic has suffered because of it. A good way of keeping blog ideas coming and being able to post regularly is to make lists of possible ideas of blog posts that you can work on at a later date, rather than having to come up with an idea every day.

2. Social networking is also a really vital way of bringing new readers in. I think Twitter is probably responsible for about half of my new traffic at the moment and facebook was really useful for letting all my friends know about the blog at first, most of whom are now regular readers and have sent links on to their friends. The thing with social networks though is that there’s so many of them and they’re constantly changing so it can be hard to keep up with them and really get to grips with more than a couple of them. However they are well worth using especially if you can use them to join up with other bloggers in a similar vein. I think the trick is to just try all of them and work out which networks are most effective for you. My project for this week is to really get to grips with Digg and work out how to use it to my advantage.

3. Commenting on other blogs is an essential part of blogging. It’s along similar lines to my point about social networking, but no-one is going to to just randomly visit your blog if you don’t tell anyone about it or interact with anyone else. I quite often try to seek out other similar blogs and comment on interesting posts they may have, partly to add something to the conversation, partly in the hope that people will then follow my comment back to my blog (there’s a setting on wordpress that turns your name into a link to your blog). I struggled at first finding similar blogs to mine, because I cover such a range of topics but WordPress’s tag surfer is quite a useful way to do this.

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This Blog needs you!

I’m really a bit of a newbie when it comes to blogging. I’ve had a couple of ones in the past where I didn’t really know what I was doing (not that I know much more now) but this blog has only really been going with any degree of seriousness for a couple of weeks.

It’s all growing very nicely and all my complicated graph thingies are moving in very encouraging directions but I’m still looking around for all sorts of good ways to bring more people in and make the blog all that more enjoyable.

I also seem to have hit a slight wall when it comes to coming up with good ideas for blog posts. It can be pretty tough trying to come up with something everyday.

So, through my ingenious brain power I hopefully have come up with a way of killing two birds with one stone.

I want to create more of a sense of community and encourage you lot out there to comment a bit more so we can have some debate and a bit of interactivity.

So heres the plan, I want you to comment on this post with suggestions for what you would like me to write about. It can be about anything, I have a pretty varied set of interests and can always do a bit of research in order to bring you an informed response to any of your suggestions. Just let your imagination go wild.Bring your ideas no matter how ridiculous, in fact the more ridiculous the better. Even if you have just stumbled on this blog from a random link on the other side of the internet, comment, bring ideas, get involved.

Blogging is supposed to be social.

I’ll be taking suggestions all week and should post one of your suggested articles next week.

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A Few Minor Changes

This blog has changed form so many times in the last few months that I’ve lost count. First there were three blogspot based blogs until I decided wordpress would be better and decided to place everything in one place. Then as I began to research blogs more I decided it would be best to split it back into three wordpress blogs with a specific niche. Then another blog appeared for use in the parts online parts of my journalism degree. Posts appeared disappeared and moved all over the place. It was more than a tad confusing.

Now however I have decided that keeping the blog to a specific niche isn’t really for me after discovering a few successful personal blogs which cover a number of topics. Add in a whole load of fiddling around with the layout and look of the blog and we have what is *fingers crossed* the format of the blog for the next while. I’m going to try and update as regularly as possible on a range of subjects.

Some posts will be for pleasure, others for my course, others as a bit of writing experience. So a bit of everything really. The future of this blog begins now. Although to think logically that sentence is a bit meaningless.

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