Stone Roses Reunion

So the big musical news today is that of the Stone Roses reforming for a run of 21 UK shows with the possibility of some festivals elsewhere.

Big grins. Some (Bernard Butler of Suede mainly) might criticise them as being yet another 90’s band reforming to cash in on nostalgia (a la Smashing Pumpkins, Faith No More, Blur, The Verve and a truckload of others) but I don’t care. I was less than a month old when The Stone Roses debut was released, I’ve grown up with their music around me and its part of the soundtrack of my youth. Call me nostalgic, but I want to get the chance to see these bands live and, I’ll never say no to another album. I’m currently trying to decide which if any festivals I’m going to head to this year (funds permitting) and if I see Stone Roses on the bill of any they may just sway my vote.

The Stone Roses’s self titled debut is really their classic album, filled with tripped out songs, iconic basslines and jangly guitar it kick started the madchester scene. Their follow up was the notoriously disappointing Second Coming, which probably doesn’t deserve all the stick it gets, there are some good tracks even though it moves away from the madchester sound of its predecessor. During the follow up to and the recording of Second Coming the band started to fall apart and eventually split in a fairly spectacular fashion with Ian Brown smoking vast amounts of cannabis and demanding to be called King Monkey. After each of the band members gradually left the band split in 1996. Ian Brown and John Squire have apparently not spoken since.

Mani, the bands bassist was the first to start a new project by quickly joining Primal Scream. John Squire formed the Seahorses (an anagram of “he hates roses”) a fairly standard blues based brit-pop band that released one album.

Ian Brown has had the most successful post-roses solo career, experimenting with electronica and blues riffs his first two solo albums, Unfinished Monkey Business and Golden Greats are particularly good, although his latest albums have been more than a tad disappointing. He’s also lent vocals to vast amounts of collaborations over the years.

Stone Roses were a fantastic band, and they’ve done great things since. I can’t wait to get the chance to see them live.

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3 responses to “Stone Roses Reunion

  1. Tim

    What Ho! Nick,

    Interesting about the Stone Roses. Who will be in this reincarnation? Ian Brown? John Squire? They will have to do better than the last time they got together.
    I liked your latest Music reviews. How about embedding some links for further investigation.


  2. From what I’ve heard the line up should be the full original line up of Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni so hopefully it will be pretty good.

    and yeah, putting more links in my posts is a good idea, I was putting links in but got out of the habit, I’ll try and work some into my posts again from now

  3. Well now John Squire has made it pretty clear that he’s not rejoining the Stone Roses, and Ian Brown is apparently focusing on his solo work which all makes me look a bit of a fool. I should learn not to trust such unreliable sources such as Sky News and The Daily Mirror