This Blog needs you!

I’m really a bit of a newbie when it comes to blogging. I’ve had a couple of ones in the past where I didn’t really know what I was doing (not that I know much more now) but this blog has only really been going with any degree of seriousness for a couple of weeks.

It’s all growing very nicely and all my complicated graph thingies are moving in very encouraging directions but I’m still looking around for all sorts of good ways to bring more people in and make the blog all that more enjoyable.

I also seem to have hit a slight wall when it comes to coming up with good ideas for blog posts. It can be pretty tough trying to come up with something everyday.

So, through my ingenious brain power I hopefully have come up with a way of killing two birds with one stone.

I want to create more of a sense of community and encourage you lot out there to comment a bit more so we can have some debate and a bit of interactivity.

So heres the plan, I want you to comment on this post with suggestions for what you would like me to write about. It can be about anything, I have a pretty varied set of interests and can always do a bit of research in order to bring you an informed response to any of your suggestions. Just let your imagination go wild.Bring your ideas no matter how ridiculous, in fact the more ridiculous the better. Even if you have just stumbled on this blog from a random link on the other side of the internet, comment, bring ideas, get involved.

Blogging is supposed to be social.

I’ll be taking suggestions all week and should post one of your suggested articles next week.

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2 responses to “This Blog needs you!

  1. Chris

    I think you need to play to your strenghts with this Blog, so you need to continue to include music and comody and you randomness.
    You have a very detailed knowledge and unique music taste that i’ve definitely been one to pinch ideas from over the years and thats not just new bands but bands from back in the day. I recon you should have a suggested listening for each week, maybe a mini review.
    Also you have quite a distinctive outlook on things so maybe a roundup of the weeks events (anything) in your usual style would be good.
    Best of all though if your random blogs like your halloween lantern, vegitarian challenge etc.


  2. freelanceunbound

    Put feeds on your blog – newsfeeds or Twitter or similar. Having new content updating as you look at your own blog is good to give you ideas for posts. Also, your posts are quite long – don’t be afraid of short posts to keep your pages fresh.