A Few Minor Changes

This blog has changed form so many times in the last few months that I’ve lost count. First there were three blogspot based blogs until I decided wordpress would be better and decided to place everything in one place. Then as I began to research blogs more I decided it would be best to split it back into three wordpress blogs with a specific niche. Then another blog appeared for use in the parts online parts of my journalism degree. Posts appeared disappeared and moved all over the place. It was more than a tad confusing.

Now however I have decided that keeping the blog to a specific niche isn’t really for me after discovering a few successful personal blogs which cover a number of topics. Add in a whole load of fiddling around with the layout and look of the blog and we have what is *fingers crossed* the format of the blog for the next while. I’m going to try and update as regularly as possible on a range of subjects.

Some posts will be for pleasure, others for my course, others as a bit of writing experience. So a bit of everything really. The future of this blog begins now. Although to think logically that sentence is a bit meaningless.

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