How to blag your way into gigs

I’m pretty excited right now about the release of one of my favourite bands, Pure Reason Revolution, news album. It comes out on the 9th and I’m going to see them on the final leg of their tour on the 17th at London Dingwalls.

This is when the idea struck me. I’m a journalist now (or at least a Journalism student), I need not pay for gig tickets like some mere mortal. I realised that as a journalist, bands want me to go visit their gigs and they want me to write articles about them.

So I got hold of Pure Reason Revolutions managers email, you can usually find most bands management or PR details online if you look hard enough, and sent off a hopeful email introducing myself as a Journalist, listing the places I hope to publish the finished article and what it could include. I was honest about where it would be published, in the student newspaper and on this blog as although they may seem like modest outlets bands do care about them and are often hungry for any publicity they can get.

So I sent off my email, and waited. After about a week I got impatient. I decided that the management had obviously seen through my facade of professionalism and had seen me as the amateur I was. I still am a massive fan or PRR and decided that although my attempt to get in as press failed I still wanted ot see them and would happily still go along as a punter and write a review anyway for experience and because I love introducing people to my favourite bands. So, onto ticket site, buy tickets.
Ten minutes later.

Hey NjClarke, you’re on the guest list just make sure you send us a copy of the article afterwards.

*sigh* well I guess the lesson to learn from this is that you should wait a while for the management to get back to you as they’re probably pretty snowed under around tour time.

Still I may have an extra ticket which I couldn’t really afford in the first place but I am heading to my first gig as a journalist, I can start building up my reputation and I can say I’m on the guest list of one of my favourite bands. Which is awesomely cool.
The only things I need to add are that if you are thinking of doing the same, obviously make sure you write the article and get it published, it’s only fair that you hold up your end of the bargain and you won’t be asked back again if you don’t. Also I just want to encourage people to give it a try, even if you just write reviews for forums or on your blog, bands do care about what people are writing about them and it’s always worth a try.

You can find my review of the gig here and my review of Pure Reason Revolution’s new album Amor Vincit Omnia here

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6 responses to “How to blag your way into gigs

  1. bfaulkner88

    Well Im glad you managed to blag it, just goes to show that it is possible.

    I’m going to head the same route and try and get tickets for Testament in London and maybe’ just maybe I’l try to get press tickets for Bloodstock Festival.

  2. cmpowers

    free journo tickets are the way forward, welcome to the club!

  3. ben1989

    A good perk of this course, I thought of doing that for the Reading Fesival but I think my chances of getting in would be very slim. I would most likely be too drunk to do interviews anyway!

  4. Bernstein

    As a journalist I find it particular disturbing that a journalism student thinks it’s fine to scam tickets based on his pseudo journalism credentials.

    I suppose if and when you get hired by a media company you’ll think you shouldn’t have to live on paycheck “like mere mortals” and think nothing of taking a little green from a company in return for writing a favorable story.

    Maybe instead of a class on video blogging you enroll in a Ethics 101 course.

  5. OK…let me start by saying I’m hardly scamming tickets, I was honest about my experience, I intend to write and publish an article after the gig to the best of my abilities and act as professionally as possible in holding up my end of the bargain.

    I made this clear in the article.

    The post was written in a tongue in cheek style. I have a sense of humour, it creeps into everything I do and I try and make my posts lighthearted and entertaining.

    Judging from your comment, you sir appear to be utterly bereft of a sense humour.

    How am I being unethical? I have been entirely honest with the bands management, they receive some publicity, I add to my portfolio and writing experience, the college paper gets an article. It’s an everybody wins situation and I get the satisfaction of hopefully introducing some new people to one of my favourite bands.

    I should go on an ethics course….

    Well this might be a tad redundant, I already have an A-level in Philosophy and have continued my interest in normative ethics since then by reading extensively from philosophical texts. I’m going to take a guess that I’m probably far more qualified to comment on the matter than you.

  6. Tasha

    Ahaha! I’m thinking that Bernstein takes him or herself a tad bit too seriously.