Vegetarian Chilli Experiment

Today marked the start of my week long experiment with vegetarianism.

I’ve never really thought about going veggie full time before.
I’m all for humane treatment of animals and all that sort of thing but generally I see meat as an essential part of a good diet and far too tasty to give up. I know very well where meat comes from and in fact would have no problem with killing an animal if i needed to for food. I like seeking out new food and have eaten kangaroo, Zebra, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Tripe and Shark, all pretty good. The only exceptions I make to eating anything is a refusal to eat foie gras, veal or any other cruel food. Basically my view is if the animal doesnt suffer, you treat it with respect and know where it comes from its fair game.

So after spending most of the day in much the same way as i would normally, cereal for breakfast, cheese sandwhich for lunch, I started on dinner.

I started with the attitude of simply exchanging the meat in the meals i would normally cook for a veggie alternative. So armed with a bag of soya Mince i set to work on a chilli con carne.

The Soya mince looked alarmingly like sawdust

I was pretty skeptical but carried on making the chilli in the same was as i normally would just exchanging the mince for soya mince.
I didnt seem quite the same so i added more chilli powder to overpower whatever might be the taste of the soya. dscf04361The end result was definately edible, if not entirely filling, could help but think that what it really needed…was some meat.

Update: well after a couple of days of cheese pizzas and beans on toast I lost inspiration and again and failed in giving something up. I just like meat too much. I’ve decided that giving things up just isn’t for me.

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