An absence of abstinence

I’ve been set the challenge of giving something up for one week.

Only I’ve never been particularly good at giving things up. I could try and blame that on my live-for-the-moment never say never always say yes attitude to life but the truth is probably just that I have no self control. Abstinence has always seemed like a dirty word to me but when it was suggested that I try documenting giving something up for a week via this blog an old idea came back to me.

I’m a music obsessive, I constantly listen to music, and constantly play music, (I’m a singer-songwritey guitar type person) and have a knack for accumulating vast amounts of useless music trivia. One of the stories which has always intrigued me is the one about Kraftwerk sealing their KlingKlang studio off to all external sounds, going so far as to have a silent ring-tone on their phone which they only picked up at pre-arranged times, apparently as an attempt to avoid all outside influences in their hermetically sealed music of the future.

So there was the plan. Give up music for a week, it’d be an interesting experiment to see whether it worked and even more interesting to see if it made my music any more independent of my vast range of influences.
The first 24 hours went well, I simply avoided my music system, I went and cooked a meal and watched TV( yes i know TV has a lot of music in it but I had to do something to keep myself entertained,) and the time flew by.
but then I got bored of TV and ran out of books, my fingers began to itch for my guitar and I snapped.

I lasted just over a day with my incompetent attempt at sonic deprevation.

So, I needed another idea, something to give up for a week. My mind froze. I don’t have any particular vices, I don’t smoke, I don’t to drink a dramatic amount and so a whole host of other ideas leapt to my mind.

Attempt to live in the dark, eat only bread, avoid buying from corporations, but none of them seemed to work.

I went out with some friends and over a few drinks decided that a great idea would be to live without shoes for a week.
Five minutes later I’d trodden in broken glass and had had my foot skewered by a stiletto heel. The idea quickly lost its appeal.

So after much deliberation this week I’ve decided to experiment with vegetarianism. For a student who views bacon and sausage as seperate food groups this could be tricky…..

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