Here Comes the Wind by Envelopes

Envelopes may be an obscure half swedish half french indie band but please don’t let that put you off…they really are quite good.

Here Comes the Wind came out about this time last year and after I gave it a quick listen online I pretty much forgot about it. It was quirky and fun, but more than a tad incohesive full of  wildly different songs that sounded good on their own but didnt really fit together as an album.

I stumbled upon them again recently and got my hands on a copy of the album, after a couple more listens I started to realise just how much better it was than I originally thought.

My original impressions of the album still stand, there are a lot of different sounds going on in this album, from the garage rock of “Life on the Beach,” down to the full on electro of “Put on Hold” but it becomes forgiveable just on the strength of each track alone. In fact being all over the place and a little disorganised kind of works in the bands favour, the songs feel anarchic and playful as does the album as a whole and maybe a more uniform album wouldnt have that.

An overwhelming sense of fun is what the album gives you, and the band are obviously having a lot of it when writing and performing their songs. Unexpected instruments and nonsensical lyrics abound, stylophone anyone?

If Envelopes are to be compared to anyone it’d be to the pixies, especially the Kim Deal tracks which is certainly no bad thing. They share the one guy one girl dual singer set up and the same dedication to sonic experimentation and the pop single. Although similar to the pixies, Envelopes have built on their sound exploring more electronic sounds and taking influence from a large amount modern indie bands, theres occasionally hints of Franz Ferdinand style twangy guitars.

In short, any Pixies fans should love them as should any fans of innovative playful indie pop.

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